Roger G. Bailey & Associates

Roger G. Bailey & Associates

Difficult Dirt Solutions

Roger G. Bailey & Associates/DDS have provided contracting services to Municipal Councils, Government Instrumentalities, Land Developers, Consultants & Construction Contractors since 1984.
The special equipment offered in this brochure has been specifically designed/developed/acquired and incorporated into our fleet to cope with some of the more unique situations encountered during the past twenty plus years and is available for hire or contract as well as a quotation / consulting service.

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(03) 5997 6466 Fax (03) 5997 6488
Address 1048 Bass Hwy – The Gurdies – VIC

For further information regarding the applications of the specialised equipment/services contact
Roger Bailey: 0418 313 256

Other Equipment

As well as a range of normal earthmoving machinery other special equipment available includes ‘Broons’ Rock Buster and ‘Kirpy’ in – situ crushing system & Gradall Hydraulic Excavator
(Click here for: gradall_spec.pdf.)