Roger G. Bailey & Associates

Roger G. Bailey & Associates

Difficult Dirt? We have the solution.

Civil Engineering Contractors

Contractors for Earthworks, Roads and Drainage Our services include: Earthworks Drainage Roadworks Sub divisions Excavation / extraction of materials from lakes, ponds, existing pipelines, culverts & under structures. Specialising in…[Read More…]

Broons Impact Rolling

“Square” Impact Roller – Dynamic… Effective… Productive… (HEAVIEST ROLLER AVAILABLE) DEEP LIFT COMPACTION PROOF ROLLING LAND RECLAMATION LANDFILLS SUBGRADE IMPROVEMENT Broons launched their revolutionary BH-1300 “Square” Impact Roller onto the world…[Read More…]

Difficult Dirt Solutions

Roger G. Bailey & Associates/DDS have provided contracting services to Municipal Councils, Government Instrumentalities, Land Developers, Consultants & Construction Contractors since 1984. The special equipment offered in this brochure has…[Read More…]